Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I'm still here.
I'm really sorry I just can't keep up with this blog while I'm in school so I usually bring it back to life in the summer, and now it's summer. SO WE'RE ALIVE!
I do have some posts planned out so you guys can keep up with what I'm doing!

So yesterday was the Fashion Spotlight and the theme was Disney characters omg you guys need to look at some of these

Some of them were really good o_o
Merida from Brave is my favorite though, Autumn Chillybloom did a really good job!

Anyways yes that's all for right now I'll try and update tonight!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Outfits ANYONE??

 I'm gonna match the font Color to a color in the photo soo... You know which photo i'm talking about ;) ANYWAY I wear this outfit not that much but I still find it super cute :o I hope you can read this.
 HAHAHAHAHHA This outfit omfg Me and my friends wear matching ones then we run around Havendish hahahaha I think The top is really really cute though i would wear it in reality
 Ahhh this outfit Is a beauty and can speak for itself.
 I guess I didn't realize i'd be too lazy to keep changing font colors. hahahaha ohh well, I wear this outfit a LOT but who can blame me its adorable (and i have it in Purple :D)
I wear this the most and I just love how the shirt and skits blend together so well makes it look like a dress :D :D :D :D I haven't got a clue as to why some of the photos are a lil fuzzy but oh well XD


Round 2

I lied D:
Apparently the things going on between me and Sarah aren't done with yet..
I saw her the other day.
Honestly i thought everything was through and done with but I guess we can forget that.
She freaked out at the sight of me and was all over me (not in a bad way)
I thought she had quit.
I panicked.
All I said was "O_O time to go.."
And flew away.
Im the smoothest fairy out there. Can't you tell?
I type funny.

I got in a Car accident.
I'm fine though :o
Still just as insane!

I've been hanging around the Gully.
Kind of hoping Sarah will come around the corner.. But at the same time I hope she won't.
Future? What do you hold :O


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh Hey Didn't See You There!

Herro :3
Thats weird.
Just kidding its weird.
Ahhaha I'm acting like a new bee!
Focus. Blogging. Go.
I have no explanation for myself, im weird funny retarded sarcastic horrific sexual nice average-looking all smushed into a person. This clearly means I'm Wetarsticorrualiceaveing. Oh yes. (If you didn't get that, i put all the words I listed into one big word. Thanks, Tips.)

So I know some people would come here to listen to me rant about Sarah, but I'm over that and we;ve gone our separate ways. Case Closed. The Real reason I'm here is because a girl came up to me the other day, and she could tell who I was from these blogs. And to be honest she seemed kind of sad I wasn't still Blogging... So I will then? Its a plan O_O Starting now O_O

I had no clue what to make my first blog so I made this beautiful post about not knowing what to post :D :D :D

Maybe some outfits later? XD Classic.